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ADHL-DECK is a high solid two components aminecured polyurethane waterproofing membrane


industry application


ADHL-DECK, is primarily designed to waterproof and protect structural suspended slabs in most types of parking structures.

This application will also require textured fully seeded flexible epoxy coating topcoat. The use of an epoxy primer is recommended. Please refer to the individual datasheet for more details. ADHL-DECK is not needed or recommended for slab-on-grade application.



Due to the fact that our membrane technology is nonisocyanate, and therefore, not affected by humidity during the application and throughout the cure, it produces a bubble-free impervious membrane surface that is superior to other leading products on the market.

Furthermore, unlike conventional isocyanate-based membrane products, ADHL-DECK has a long pot life (working time), and is easily applied at 20 – 30 mils in one coat application.


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