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ADHL-DENSIFIER (Lithium Potassium Silicate Blend) is an economical clear penetrating liquid concrete densifier supplied in a ready to use form. The product is used to densify and dust proof concrete floors.


industry application



ADHL-DENSIFIER is recommended for use in

  • Densifying and dust-proofing existing concrete floors.

  • Suitable for use on concrete floors in warehouses.

  • Industrial plants, commercial and residential buildings.

  • For floors incorporating shake on coloured floor hardeners.

  • For new concrete floors after full cure.



  • Water Based, Low Odour, Non-Hazardous, Nontoxic
  • Economical Solution For Dust Proofing And Hardening Concrete Floors
  • Has Good Vapour Permeability (Breathable)
  • Easy To Maintain Floors Plus Water Permeability Is Significantly Reduced
  • Finished Floor Is Environmentally Sound


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