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ADHL-SEALERWB is a water based acrylic curing, sealing, and dustproofing compound for concrete. It is available in clear, pebble grey, metro grey and tile red.


industry application

  • Seal and cure new concrete both plain and stamped seal paving stones
  • Seal and dust-proof concrete floors in warehouses
  • Commercial buildings and residential basements etc.


  • Normally dries in 1 hour at 21°C (70°F). Lower temperatures or high relative humidity may slow the drying process.
  • Do not apply over areas where Polymer Sand has has been used.
  • Do not apply in areas where relative humidity is greater that 75%.
  • Do not apply if surface or ambient temperature is below 10°C (50°F).
  • Do not store in a place where the product will freeze
  • Do not use as a bond breaker
  • Do not use on surfaces that are to receive concrete overlays or other bonded toppings.
  • Do not use in areas which may be exposed to organic solvents (xylene, toluene, lacquer thinner, etc.)
  • Gasoline, hydraulic fluids, peanut oil and other cooking oils affect the product if not removed quickly



  • High moisture retention for proper curing of new concrete
  • Seals concrete surfaces increasing abrasion resistance / eliminating dusting
  • White appearance during application (clear only) for visual check of coverage, dries clear
  • Compatible with most carpet, vinyl tile, and floor covering adhesives, but recommend adhesion test before application.
  • Non-yellowing on exterior application
  • VOC compliant<100gms/L
  • Available in clear, pebhle grey, metro grey and tile red
  • Special colors subject to minimum order
  • Available in anti-slip finish


Consult Technical Information

Industrial Flooring

Its exceptionally low odor allows the product to be used in areas where other products cannot be used such as shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, and etc.