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Covebase System

Covebase framework is a continuation of the epoxy floor that keeps running up the divider. It can be use with a wide range of gets done with including epoxy dark framework, pieces framework, quartz framework and more. The bay span influences this floor framework to look lovely and makes it simple to clean.

In condition where there is water and dampness, a general baseboard would effectively capitulate to buildup and form, yet with our Epoxy Covebase Framework, your floor will be impervious to those condition. This framework is likewise synthetically safe and greatly solid. Having an inlet additionally implies that there won’t be any split between floor closes and the divider, which implies there is no space for microscopic organisms or buildup to shape.



   Meets & Exceeds Sanitary Code Requirement

   Excellent Adhesion

   Extremely Durable

industry application

   Commercial kitchen

   Packaging & storage areas


   Pharmaceutical (standards)